Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Red Onions + Head Cold = Bad

It's true! I spent about an hour this morning cutting up veggies and got to the red onions. I thought since my nose was stuffy, I wouldn't have a problem, so I started cutting them with a knife rather than the chopper. Oh, what a mistake! I lasted about 2 minutes and then my eyes started to water and my nose started to get stuffy. So, I stopped, cleaned my eyes and blew my nose. I grabbed the chopper and continued that way. It got better, but not great.

But, the red onion smell has been stuck in my nose ever since! When I blow my nose now (since my head cold is on day 8), I can still smell the red onions. That is not pleasant. At least it's not making my eyes water. LOL! So, lesson learned - do not think you can outsmart a red onion when you have a cold. It will smite you.


  1. Awwh - feel better!

  2. Thanks. I'm trying. It's just not going away. 9 days and counting.