Monday, October 27, 2014

Motivational Monday

There are all sorts of quotes that say the same thing. This one struck me because when I sign a wedding card I write, "May today pale in comparison of all your tomorrows." It struck a chord with me.

It's funny. I'm always trying to find the key to losing weight, being happy, having a good job. There's gotta be something, right?

I overwhelm myself by trying to  change all sorts of things and in reality, it might just be some small thing daily or just making one better choice today than I would have made. Life is full of choices, some big some small. I'm starting to think those small daily choices have more power than we imagine.

So, here's to making better smaller choices each day that add up to all the things we want from life.

What small, smart choice will you make today?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baltimore Runinng Festival 5k

On Saturday, October 18 I ran the Baltimore Running Festival 5k. In 2010 I ran the Marathon Relay with friends and had a great time. I had been wanting to get back to the race, but the last few years we had conflicts. But this year? Signed up!

It started Thursday night at packet pick-up. We headed to Baltimore right after work to grab my bib and shirt. We arrived at the convention center and it was a big hectic. We entered the convention center from the front and there were no signs for registration. We headed upstairs and found where we needed to go. And it was crowded! There were two rows of registration tables facing each other with only about 20 feet between them. I got my bib and pins, then headed downstairs for my shirt. We went down the stairs and into the expo area and wow, the amount of space just opened up! This is where registration should have been. Got my clear plastic bag and t-shirt, then moved into the race swag area.

And became instantly jealous of those running the half and full! The BRF did a fantastic job of making available cool shirts/tech tees/pants/jackets for those two races. For those running the relay or the 5k {both of which sold out, unlike the marathon and half marathon} there were no generic options. I was disappointed. With 4,500 people in the 5k I'll bet a few generic BRF with a crab would have sold.

We wandered the expo for a little bit. It was a nice one with lots of options. Hubby picked up a pair of running sunglasses that he needed. Other than that, it was nice to wander around. I did stop off at the J&A Racing table and pick up my free 13.1 sticker, a free Shamrock koozie, and Shamrock magnet {I'll be running the 2015 Shamrock 8k and half marathon}. Then it was off to dinner and home.

Friday, we headed back to Baltimore to stay overnight. Because of the ALCS and the Orioles being involved, the BRF moved all races back an hour, so we stayed overnight. The 5k was moved to 7:20 a.m. I think that's the earliest 5k I've ever run! LOL! We arrived at the start area and milled around.
It was a tad chilly and dark, but not bad. Ravens stadium looked pretty cool with the purple lights going around the top. But, it was a little chaotic with so many people and three races all waiting to get going.

Eventually they got the marathon and relay off and invited the 5k runners to the starting corral. We waited for what seemed like forever, but finally did get started with the same fanfare as the marathon/relay runners.

The thing I remember most about the first part of this race was the quarter mile uphill start! It was insane! And that is how the race went the whole time - uphill, straighten out a little, uphill, downhill, oh look more uphill... Until we reached the turn around point, then it was basically all downhill.

As I was coming back, I could see the clock tower outside Camden Yards and got excited. Yea! It's almost over. Until the clock tower never seemed to get any closer. LOL! It was a much further away than it seemed.

Finally, I reached Camden Yards {and the clock tower}. As I started through the statue area out front, I saw hubby! I missed him on the way out so it was good to see him at the finish. I ran down Eutaw Street {a place I have walked many a time during O's games} and headed to the finish line...which seemed a bit further away than I would have thought!

Crossed the line and checked my watch for finish time. Am I alone in this? My goal was to finish faster than my last 5k and woot! I managed that by over a minute! It's not my fastest time by far, but it's an improvement.

It took a bit to get through the finisher's area and find hubby, but we managed. We walked around the village and I tried to get my free adult beverage, but apparently there were tickets and I never received one {well, I should have had two}. I was slightly annoyed by this. I have no idea where people got these because when I checked my bag when I got home, I didn't have them in my bag either.

We headed out shortly after this and grabbed breakfast. That course was hilly and I was hungry!
Enjoyed breakfast at one of my fav places in Baltimore - The B&O Brassiere. After breakfast, it was back to the hotel to shower, then home. We had plans for later in the day and I had to prep for my 10k on Sunday.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Motivational Monday

This is so true. There are approximately 7 billion people on planet Earth and 319+ million in the United States. What are the chances that you or I will be the best? I'm not putting me or you down, but statistically the numbers are stacked against us.

But, can we be better than we were yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year? Hell ya! That's doable. We can learn more, give more, be healthier, run faster, lift more, be happier than ever before. Those are within our control.

So today, figure out what you did today that was better than yesterday - did you start a new book? Volunteer some time? Pay it forward in line at Starbucks? Run half a mile longer than you ever have? Picked carrots over potato chips? Made your bed before being told to? That's being a better you than yesterday and that's what makes us our best.

What can you do today to make you better tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A test of endurance

This coming weekend I have a race....well I have two races. On Saturday I'm going to run the Baltimore Running Festival's 5k and on Sunday I'm running the Kid's Chance 10k. I ran the BRF Marathon Relay in 2010 and had a blast! I had some fun running friends with me and I ran the farthest I've ever run at 7 miles. It was what got me to run my first half marathon that following February.

Sunday I'm running the Kids Chance 10k in Harrisburg. My co-worker had been looking for a 10k to run as she had mastered the 5k {meaning she wanted a challenge} and I asked if I might run with her. I didn't want to take away her first 10k thunder. She said no, she should love for someone to run with her, so come Sunday afternoon {yes, it's a 2:00 p.m. start...thank heavens!} I'll lace up and run 6.1 miles.

This is a good thing because I need the challenge. I have a double race weekend in March that's really important to me - Shamrock 8k and Shamrock Half Marathon. My goal is to set PR's at both distances. So, getting in a double run weekend, even when I'm not running well, is good practice.

I have a feeling I'm gonna be a bit tired come Sunday afternoon. LOL!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivational Monday

For this precise moment in time, this is exactly where I am. I am not happy where I am and I do not want to stay here.

I have decided that the whole eat crap/don't workout/gain weight/wear clothes I'm not happy with-don't fit right is not where I want to be anymore. I will say, it never was where I wanted to be, but...

So, I am deciding to move on. Get back to doing my workouts, changing my meals for the healthy, lose weight, and start fitting back into the clothes I look good in. It won't be easy, but not everything worth doing is.

What are you going?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hard decisions

This past week I celebrated my birthday. I've always loved my birthday, who doesn't? LOL! It's the one day a year that's all about you. We spent the day at the Baltimore Aquarium and dinner at the Owl Bar. Both were lots of fun! And I spent the day with my hubby, who is oh so good to me.

But, it made me think about things. I guess I'm at the age where people have those mid-life crises. I'm don't think that's where I am, but this birthday did make me think about my life. That's why I posted the above photos. The one of the left from 2012 was me at the Baltimore Women's Classic. I love that race and have run it five years in a row. The one on the right is from this past August 2014 at Chickie's and Pete's Boardwalk Run 5k. Can you see the difference?

I can. It's so obvious to me. I have let my workout desire and my diet just crash in the last 2 years. Horribly.

I've gotten to the point where I'm having trouble finding clothes I own that make me look good. I just look fat. Yes, it's relative. But to me, having been 40 pounds lighter, I look fat and I don't like it.

I need to make changes. I've been saying this for two years. But, after trying to find things that flatter me for two weddings in the last three months, not liking how I looked on my birthday, and knowing I have a wedding next month and gasp! half marathon training coming up, I gotta do it.

I have a notebook to keep track of my food, water, and workouts. I had a running trainer for the month of September that helped me get back into a workout grove. I need to keep moving with the workouts and add in healthy eating. I'm in a challenge group for the next 21 days and I'm going to put my all into it. I blew off the warm-up week, which is my fault, but I can come back and rock the actual challenge.

So, what have you put off doing? What do you need to work on to make yourself happy?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Me as a little one with my grandparents/godparents in front of my childhood church.
Can you get any better Throwback Thursday than when it's your birthday?? LOL! Seriously, today is my birthday. :-)

I am celebrating my last year in my 30s today and I'm thinking I need to do something spectacular this coming year. What? No idea! I've been thinking about it, but haven't put anything to paper yet.

But, today I'm just going to celebrate with my hubby and see where the day takes us. He always spoils me so I know it will be a good day.

Have a fantastic Thursday friends! Hope you have just as great a day as I will!