Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Summer Challenge

The blog has sat silent for quite a while now. The last time was 100 days before vacation to Jamaica, which was December. So...

I've decided to try my hand again at the blog and see if it can help get me moving again. I didn't do anything towards that last "I'm going to lose weight before vacation," in case you're wondering. I haven't really gained any more since then, but I haven't lost any either.

I thought I would aim for 5 pounds a month after I got home from vacation, which would have been January 2017, but that didn't happen either. I had motivation, but my sweet little Elizabeth kitten (she was 12) became deathly ill and passed away a week after we returned from vacation. Not how I wanted to return home.

I was to train for the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge in Virginia Beach this past March, but I was struggling to run. I chalk it up to the blood clots and pulmonary embolisms making my lungs much weaker than I thought they would be. I will not ignore the fact that I was/am out of shape and weigh more than I ever have, but the lungs were what bothered me most. So, I deferred the challenge until 2018.

Now, it is Memorial Day weekend and I am no closer to my goals than I was 100 days before vacation. I started thinking about this and decided to set a challenge to myself - lose a pant size between June 1 and August 31. I know that's three months, but for some reason it takes me forever to go down a pants size. I will lose shirt sizes quickly, but pant sizes just don't budge!

I thought about what have I been successful at in terms of losing weight. I have finally come back to Weight Watchers. I am not spending the money to officially join, but I've been a member so many times, I know how it works. I've always lost weight while on WW, so I'm going back to that on Wednesday.

While this challenge doesn't officially start until summer, I spent a good part of my day going through my work and workout clothes and doing three things - clothes that fit me go on hangers. Clothes that do not fit right now - do I like them? Yes - goes in the bin. No - donation. I've also thrown some clothes out because they are missing buttons, stained, etc. I'm hoping that by always having clothes that fit me easily accessible, I will be more inclined to feel better about myself. I'm going to restrain from buying any clothing, unless necessary - which might be pants, but I should be fine with shirts.

There you have it. My goal for the summer. I start Wednesday with the diet and workout routine. I will document everything here and hopefully by the end of summer, I will be down a pants size. Wish me luck!

Do you have any summer goals - weight loss, workout routine, read more books, eat in-season fruit, spend more time outdoors? Let me know!


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