Thursday, October 29, 2009

October = Distaster

It really did. Let it go down in weight loss history that October 2009 was a disaster. Yes, I finally hit 30 pounds lost. That was a great moment in October 2009 history. But it will soon be forgotten after the Vacation of 2009 and the melt-down that came after wards.

You see, I went to the land of beer and cheese on vacation. It was not pretty. Well, let me re-phrase that. It was pretty. Pretty for my pre-WW days. It was heaven. I had beer, fried foods, candy, you name it, I probably had it. It was a junk food culinary delight. It's almost impolite to go to WI and not drink or eat cheese. I think you can be forcibly removed from the state if you refuse. So, I complied. Probably a little too much. And I gained. A lot. I believe the final tally when I got on the scale when we returned was 10 pounds. Yes. 10 pounds. Amazing how one 10 day trip can be do devestating. It's like a pound a day while away. Lovely.

One bit of positiveness was I ran in my very first 8k. It was early in the trip, so as to not get in the way of all that eating and drinking I did. My hubby, two lovely friends in Milwaukee and I all ran Al's Run to benefit the Children's Hospital there in Milwaukee. It was a freezing cold day. Really, the temperature was 32 degrees when we left the car for the start line. There were about 1,800 people running/walking it. I had my Phillies sweatshirt on, gotta represent, they played that night! It was a fun course, winding it's way around the city and ending up near the Summerfest Grounds. I finished in 1 hour 7 minutes and 48 seconds. It was about 5 minutes faster than I thought I would finish. I was amazed! And it was lovely having my hubby, his cousins, and my wonderful friend Kim who believed I could actually run 4.97 miles cheering on the sidelines when I got to the end. It was a wonderful race and I'm thrilled I did it. And it was the only day I earned the right to eat what I want. Unfortunately, I kinda didn't keep that in mind throughout the rest of the trip...

The first week back, I scaled back. I got back into WW mode and lost 4 of the 10 pounds. I was happy about that, but not prepared to go to WW and see the 6 pound gain on the scale, so I skipped. I promised myself that I would lose another 2-3 pounds and go this Friday and see a smaller gain and be ok with it. The problem is, I didn't stick to the plan this week. I failed. I ate candy. I ate junk. I did not exercise. In a word, I failed. I am going to WW tomorrow with what I am going to assume is a 7 pound gain. Yes, 7 pounds. All that freaking hard work from August through October gone. Poof. Just like that. I have to start over.

And I am. That is how I am looking at Friday's weigh-in. It is going to be my first WW weigh-in ever. I am going to ignore the weight I have lost all year and start from scratch on Friday. Whatever I weigh, is my starting weight. I am not going to acknowledge the weight gain from Oct. I will move on. And in moving on, I will mentally allow myself the ability to start fresh. So, the plan is Chris's November Boot-Camp. I am on track in November. I will focus on all the little things and I will succeed. I am even now putting together my plan for the month. I will of course post my horrific October number tomorrow, like always. But come Sunday, Nov. 1, in the words of Southwest Airlines, it's on. The Chris's November Boot-Camp plan is posted and will be enforced. And as my friends, I ask that you keep me accountable. I will need it because Chris's November Boot-Camp will not be easy. I will need all the encouragement, gentle prodding, and beratement I can get.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Please come over and post the Nicole's boot camp plan, too!!! I've got to get through tomorrow - just say no! and then hope the scales are nice to me on Monday (though October has been pretty crappy for me, too - damn those 2 pounds - up/down, up/down - like a friggin see saw). November is going to be our month girl!

  2. Yes, November is going to be our month. 100%! Working on the details now and will be posting them on Sunday, Nov. 1. :-) Feel free to play along, though I am sure not all of it is for everybody. Just checking in will help me stay on track!