Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting back on the wagon...

is hard to do!  Wow.  I'm amazed at how hard it was to truly get back into the swing of things.  I thought it wouldn't be that bad.  I was craving veggies and fruit and home made meals, so I thought this is awesome!  I'll be able to hit the ground running and have a fairly easy time of it.  But, the best laid plans...

Friday was great actually.  I had a really easy time of it.  For Christmas, hubby gifted me the new Wii Active expansion pack, so I opened it up Thursday night and read the paperwork on it.  Then Friday, I busted it out and decided to go with the 6-Week Challenge.  I like the idea of having to do it on certain days to keep up with it rather than having to pick the routine when I use it.  And it was good!  I enjoyed it (though my body didn't on Sat. when I was sore!).  And food was great!  Ate within my points and did well, drank water, increased fruits and veggies.  I was doing good.

Saturday wasn't good.  :-(  I started off the day sleeping in later than I wanted and missed the chance to run outside.  So, rather than do nothing, I used the treadmill.  We have one, but it's not the greatest, but it suffices when you need something.  I thought I could do my 2 mile run on it and oh no, was I mistaken!  I got 1 mile and was DYING.  It was so sad.  BUT, it was my first run in three weeks, so I'm not too bummed about it.  I recognize the treadmill isn't professional quality and it's rougher than being outside.  I recognize I haven't run in three weeks.  So, I have to build up a little more than I thought.  No biggie.  Food was the killer.  I ate a banana after running, then we were gone all afternoon and I didn't eat again until dinner at 5:00 p.m.  And ate I did!  Ugh.  It was not pretty.  I went overboard with cheese fries and cookies when we got home.  :-(

Sunday was just a total disaster.  I did do the Wii Fit.  The goal was 30 minutes, but I did 45, so I was excited about that.  Especially since I did want to be done at 30 minutes, but I added in some balance exercises that upped it to 45 minutes.  And that was the best thing I can say about the day.  I ate like CRAP!  We have so many left overs from the holidays that I just snacked on them all day.  Especially at night.  Ugh.

I think I got it out of my system though.  Today, I got up and did Day 2 of the 6-Week Challenge.  It made me do more crunches and ugh, push-ups!  I haven't done those in AGES.  I expect pain tomorrow.  LOL!  I also ate a good breakfast (cereal, banana, coffee with soy milk) and lunch was a BIG salad!  Very happy that lunch was veggie based.  We need to get ourselves back into veggies for lunch.  So, we have Romaine lettuce, yellow onions, red/green/orange/yellow peppers, carrots, broccoli all chopped and ready for anything.  That should go a long way towards getting us back on track and moving towards our health goals for the year.


As to my professional goals - I ordered a refill for my planner, which I will need!  I should have that next week.  I am going to spend the after noon figuring out the next steps in going forward on my photography business.  AND I saw that a local community college is looking for professors, so will head over to their website to see if there's anything I can apply for.  Wish me luck!


  1. I got the Wii Fit Plus DVD which has some neat new "games" like Kung Fu! I also got a step raiser for the Wii Fit and a Kickboxing weighted glove set. Unfortunately, we are all sick and I did not get to start my new exercise regime as planned today.

    What photography business??? - DO TELL!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you for a professor job!

  2. I want the step raiser for the Wii. Didn't get it. Ah well. Something to look for in the future, right?

    Get better! Sucks you're sick, but hopefully it's quick.

    I'll email you about the photography thing. :-)

  3. i have gone back to tracking points just to get myself out of the holiday eating mode...

  4. Yup, I'm working on that Carrie. It seems the weekend killed me. I just couldn't get out of the holiday mind-set. Monday was a LOT easier food-wise, thank heavens! I'm tracking. I'm gonna show a gain this week, but I'm ok with that. I'm back on track now and that's what matters.