Monday, February 8, 2010

Healthy Lifestle v. Diet

So, if you don't follow Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat, you should. Those ladies are funny!  It's great to hear others out there who struggle the same way you do, and make it light-hearted.  There have been many a day I laughed out loud at their observations/comments. 

Today, I received the following from them.  I thought it was funny and a great Monday morning pick-me-up...if nothing else than for the laugh.  Enjoy!

Experts say we should treat a healthy diet as a component of a healthy lifestyle. We should tell ourselves that we are not on a diet but rather adopting a new way of eating for life.

Healthy Lifestyle Versus Diet

Healthy lifesylers eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein.
Dieters pay $20 to download an eating plan that promises they’ll drop 9 lbs. in a week.

Healthy lifestylers encorporate exercise into each day as if it were as integral to the day as brushing one’s teeth.
Dieters pay $1000 for a treadmill, use it for a week, and then hang stuff on it.

Healthy lifestylers sit down and luxuriate in each meal.
Dieters eat crap that’s off plan in the car hoping no one sees.

Healthy lifestylers enjoy a walk after dinner most nights.
Dieters purchase a giant pink exercise ball that’s only purpose is to frustrate the heck out of the dog.

Healthy lifestylers stop eating just before they feel full.
Dieters eat potato chips as if they will be moving to the moon tomorrow and never have access to the glorious morsels again.

Healthy lifestylers focus on visiting with family and friends at the holidays.
Dieters worry about eating too much pumpkin pie and then do.

Healthy lifestylers might eat a little too much ham so they pack up the leftovers  and give them away.
Dieters say, oh screw it, a lot. (yes, this is me!)

Healthy lifestylers always eat as though they’re on “maintenance.”
Dieters, “What’s maintenance?”

Healthy Lifestylers float in the same weight range give or take five pounds.
Dieters gain.


  1. Do you get the Monday email? That's where it's from. I really liked the email today...obviously. LOL!