Thursday, May 6, 2010

What an awful run

So, it's been awhile since I hit the pavement for a run.  I have been saying all week I'm heading out, but not once had I actually done it.  I kept saying I would, then I would come up with some excuse not to.  I'm really good at excuses.

Last night, I said to a friend she needed to kick my butt into running today.  This of course is figurative as said friend lives in NY and would have a real tough time doing it.  BUT, said friend said she expected to see something somewhere saying I ran today and honestly, I think if I didn't, she might have come down from NY and kicked my butt.  She knows where I live.

I got myself up this morning and decided to go for a run (cause my butt's been through enough with that whole falling incident a couple weeks ago).  I put on my new capri running pants and one of the two new running shirts I got at the Broad Street Run (I did not run, my hubby did, in 80 degree heat.  He rocks!).  Headed off to my new running area, just the nice sidewalked neighborhood near the HS here in town.  Parked the car and walked to the spot I like to start.  There's no reason I like to start at a certain spot, I just got into a habit of starting there.  Got to the cross walk and waited for a truck to turn.  I don't think I stand much of a chance against a truck.  Then I started to cross the street.  There was a car coming, but it was fairly far back and there is a four-way stop at this intersection.  Well, apparently this car didn't think the stop sign meant them as I almost got hit by the car.  He never slowed down and just swerved around me when he got to the intersection.  So, the run did not start out well.

I got myself together and started my run.  Shortly into the run, I realized the capri pants I was so excited to run in are lined.  Lined pants are not fun to run in when it's sunny and 70 degrees.  I knew this was going to be a hot run.  But, I persevered and kept going.  I was about a mile into my run, glanced down at the Garmin and low and behold, it died.  Ugh.  No idea when, so I have NO idea how far I actually went today, though my guess is not more than 2 miles.  So, frustrated at almost getting run over, the heaviness of the pants, and now THIS? I decided I would get back to the car and stop.  And just as I decide this, my shuffle dies as well.  What a mess! 

Not one of my best runs and I suppose this is what you get for not making sure your equipment is ready after a LONG hiatus.  But, I got out there.  I got about 2 miles in and the positives were my shirt was awesome.  Barely felt like I had one on it was so light.  And, as I got past mile one, my breathing calmed down and I felt good.  I probably could have hit three miles today...had things gone better.  Which means, I will be out there Saturday morning running.  Not sure if I'll stay in town or head up to Harrisburg again.  I kinda liked running up there and it is such a nice flat run...


  1. ok - 1) you ran. good for you. you're still one step/run ahead of me(well porbably like 85 runs ahead of me, but who's counting, really?! 2) stupid drivers and stupid pants 3) funny presents on their way to you to make up for stupid drivers, pants and a bad run.

  2. I'm watching you. Saturday run. I'm running Saturday morning too.
    ps. charge your ipod and garmin.

  3. @ Nicole - Thanks. I did run and stupid drivers/pants is right! Will do better with both Sat. LOL! And funny presents? Now I'm all excited!

    @ Carrie - Yes, I'm running Sat. Still debating where, but I'm going. And the garmin charged last night. I have to still charge the shuffle though...and put new music on it. So tired of what's on there now.