Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I haven't exercised at all like I thought I would this week.  I can't seem to get up the motivation to do anything.  I swore I would run some day this week, but hasn't happened.  I was going to go yesterday.  Nope.  I was going to go today.  Nada.  It's really quite disappointing really.

So, I got annoyed with myself for waiting til later afternoon to get myself up and moving.  I realized by the time I was going to do something that I couldn't run, I didn't have enough time with what I had to do tonight.  *rolleyes*  So, I grabbed the Wii and thought it was better than nothing.  Before heading to Europe I bought the My Fitness Coach 2, which I had forgot.  I grabbed that and threw it in, why not?  It's better than nothing, right?  I decided to do an evening workout, since I was between lunch and dinner.  It was ok.  I really didn't feel challenged.  Once it was over, I checked out what the "challenge" workout was.  There were five options and I decided to try the boxing one.  Oh my poor body.  Why do I do such things to it?  It was not lying when it said it was a challenge.  I was DYING.  I was sweating.  But, I passed.  Yes, it tells you at the end whether you passed the challenge and I am proud to say I passed.  I can't believe I passed as I was about to keel over.

Lesson learned.  Remember to exercise more often so as not to fall over when exercising with the Wii.

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