Monday, June 14, 2010


Why are the weekends so hard for me to control?  Friday nights are getting a tad easier, but they seem to be easier on Friday nights in the summer.  We grill outside, so it's easy to know EXACTLY what I'm eating/drinking when I make it. 

It's Saturday and Sunday seem to be the days that are killing me.  I ate ok on Saturday, but we were in NYC with no plans.  We ended up drinking.  It was all delicious, but it was more than I was anticipating.  I had a nice turkey burger with sweet potato fries and one cupcake.  That wasn't too bad, considering the only other thing I had to eat was a slice of banana walnut bread at 11:30 a.m.  It was the seven beers that did me in.  One at a Cuban restaurant, two at Burp Castle (yummy Belgium beers!), three (6 oz. beers, seriously, they were tiny!) locally brewed beers at McSorely's, and one at dinner.  Ugh.

Sunday, I did fairly well for breakfast. I really wanted a corn muffin (I am slightly addicted to diner corn muffins), so I knew the rest of the meal should be light.  So, a glass of water and two scrambled eggs.  While not perfect, it was definitely better than I would have done before.  But dinner killed me.  We ordered pizza and bread sticks.  They were yummy, but not healthy.  But, we were too tired to bother cooking and pizza delivers.  Then I had a brownie.  They were in the fridge and I forgot to take them to NY (so they would be out of MY house). 

Ah well, the weekend is over.  I ran 1.5 miles today, as I am prepping for a 5k this weekend.  I also had a simple lunch that was healthy and I think I am back on track.  I want to run twice more this week and hopefully will stay on track food wise this week as well.  I just need to get this weekend thing under control...


  1. Too funny - you were in NYC this weekend and I was in PA! BUT - next time you come this close to me, I hope you'll swing into NJ for a visit!

  2. I find it funny that when I got to NYC, the people I know that way aren't there. I tried to get together with my cousin who lives in Brooklyn and she was in NJ. LOL!

    As we were driving kinda near you, I thought about how I should have checked in with you. Next time. :)