Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smart Words

Most photographers are so busy in the beginning trying to find somebody’s style to almost copy. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin with your own work.  When I started I was always asking for advice, then a photographer I was working for told me, “Stop looking for advice from everyone else.  Learn to see the value in your own work and be comfortable putting your work out there.” 

Don’t try and anticipate what people love and then use that to determine what you’re going to show.  Show your work through your heart.  It’s the only way you’ll ever be completely fulfilled.
from Marketing Essentials International

You know what?  This is great advice, no matter what the topic.  This just happens to be photography, but honestly, how often have I not done something because I was too self-conscious?  I need to believe in myself and in what I believe.  I have a good sense of right and wrong.  I generally think I have good taste.  I have a sense of justice.  I need to just DO, rather than dally around thinking of all the "what ifs" that go on forever.

This quote is coming at just the right time.  This weekend is my photo conference in Vegas and when I come back I am getting my butt back into gear when it comes to my diet and exercise.  I know I've said that all year, but you know what?  I need to start learning to say no while out.  No, I don't need an appetizer, no I don't need that alcoholic drink, no I don't need ice cream tonight. 

So, when I come back next week from Vegas, I am going to put that quote into action! 

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