Friday, September 17, 2010

Fort McHenry Tunnel Run

Last year, hubby and I decided to try out this 1st year event in Baltimore.  How cool is it to run through a tunnel on I-95 heading down to Fort McHenry?  We had gorgeous weather, our friend came to cheer us on, and we realized that all the gorgeous weather in the world will not penetrate the road inside a tunnel.  LOL!  It was a fun run and something different.

So, we decided once again to run the Fort McHenry Tunnel Run.  It's going to be an early start Sunday morning since we decided not to stay over in Baltimore this year.  The race starts at 8:00 a.m., we live an hour and a half from the start line, and we always want to be there early (especially since we're picking up our race packets that morning). 

I like running 5ks.  There's just something fun about them.  No pressure per se (at least I don't feel any), lots of people, good snacks at the end, and exercise.  I'm glad we're back into "race season."  Or at least race season for us.  It's just really too hot in the summer around here to do anything.  The last 5k I did was the Baltimore Women's Classic the last weekend in June.  It'll be good to go out and run a fun race.

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