Saturday, April 7, 2012

Plan B

Saturday's are long run day.  Since I'm not training per se for a long race right now, it has been running about 3 miles since Shamrock.  Which is fine.  Maybe not for someone else, but for me.  Fine.

I woke up this morning though and my stomach didn't feel well.  Maybe it had to do with the junk I ate yesterday before the Orioles game (which they won!) or afterwards at dinner.  I don't know.  What I know was I felt off.  Not awful, but off.  But, I waited it out for an hour and thought I felt better.  So, I geared up and headed out for my run.

I am going to publicly apologize now to everyone running the Movie Madness Half Marathon in Manchester and Mt. Wolf this morning.  I normally park my car at the high school and run from there.  I drove up to the school and realized there was something going on.  There was no one directing traffic or telling me what to do, so I turned onto the road.  And that's when I realized I was on the race course.  Ugh.  The first side street I came to I tried to turn off.  That one was blocked off by cones.  Lovely.  I finally was able to turn off at the next side street.  I felt like a heel.  Seriously.  I completely apologize to everyone running.  I do not apologize to the organizers, because COME ON!  Why was the main road leading to the runner's course not blocked?  Why was there no volunteer standing there?  How was I even able to get on the road in the first place?  Why did you not have a sign at the other end of the road warning about the half marathon going on?

Anyway...I went into Mt. Wolf to run instead.  I parked the car at the elementary school there and headed out.  And realized this may have been a mistake.  My stomach started hurting quickly into the run.  Apparently that hour didn't really do anything.  But, explain this to me, I ran fast.  I stopped for my half mile 1 minute walk at 5:51.  Uhhh...what???  And the stomach hurt.  But, I kept going hoping it would stop hurting.  Still hurt.  I got to a mile and again what?  11:54.  I can count on one hand the number of times I run a mile under 12 minutes.  Insane.  And this is when I realized I needed to call it a day.  I felt like I was going to get sick on the sidewalk.  I walked back to my car kinda feeling bad about the whole thing.

So bad that I decided to try a couple things at home.  I broke out the stationary bike and rode for 60 minutes.  And I felt fine.  Then I tried one of the workouts I've downloaded to my Kindle.  I tried the Daily Cardio workout.  I set it for 10 minutes (which is the max time on it) and tried it.  I made it through 8 of the 10 workouts before dying.  LOL!  Each exercise is 1 minute each and I definitely broke a sweat.  I think this will be a fun little workout to add into the mix and it's something I can work up to since I died after 8 exercises.

So, Saturday's normal long run kinda sucked, but I at least tried to make up for it.

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