Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running clothes

My wardrobe seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  Not my everyday wardrobe, but my running wardrobe.  I never really cared all that much about what I wore to work out in.  I wanted it to be functional, but since I weighed way more than I should have I didn't invest in any fun exercise clothes.  Why bother?

Well, since I've lost some weight and started running, I now want to wear fun stuff to workout in.  It's for no one's benefit but my own.  I like thinking I have fun clothes on.  Lately though, I've noticed I wear a lot of race shirts to the gym or out for a run.  I realized I don't have many shirts I can wear that doesn't brag (because really that's what you do when you wear a race shirt to the gym) to the gym.

One day at Kohl's I found a fun shirt that I really liked.  It is by Fila, which was interesting as I've never owned Fila apparel.  But, it was so cute!  Sadly, being the cheap person I am, I refused to pay $25 for it.  Really.  $25 for a t-shirt?  Please.  But, I went back a few weeks later and it was on sale!  Score!  Instead of $25 I was able to bring it home for $14-something.  :-)

And then I wore it.  And loved it.  Really loved it.  You can kinda see it in the picture from Saturday's 10k in Baltimore.  It was the second time I wore it that week.  I wore it Thursday, then washed it Friday so I could wear it Saturday.  And that's when I knew I wanted another one.  Not just another Fila shirt, but that Fila shirt.  LOL!  So, back to Kohl's I went to see if they had another one.  And low and behold they had one left...in my size.  I am proud to say it went home with me...on sale...with a coupon.  Sweet!

Here's my new running shirt obsession

Full shirt
 Close up of design

Have you ever done this?  Found a shirt you love and bought more of it?  Not just the same shirt/pants in different colors/patterns, but the same exact shirt/pants?  Cause I'm feeling kinda crazy right about now for having done so!


  1. Kohl's but it was the last one in my store and I couldn't find it on their website.

  2. A girl after my own heart - buying the same thing twice because it is awesome! I would totally just wear this as a shirt - no running necessary! :o)