Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me!

Way back in the December of 2011, when this was going on

Brian and I exchanged anniversary gifts.  Brian enjoyed opening his present of tickets to the Baltimore Orioles.  My present were tickets to this

Before we go any further - Brian, if you're reading this, you may just want to stop.  I'm just warning you now.  

Ok. Back to the concert.  I've been a Tim McGaw fan forever.  The first time I saw Tim, it was in 1995 at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia with Little Texas and Blackhawk (neither of whom are still together).  Since then, hubby and I have figured out I have seen him approximately 7 more times.  LOL!  Saying he is my favorite musician would be an understatement.  He is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen (see Brian, I told you to stop reading...).  I generally get to one concert a year.  His.

So, yesterday we headed to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney at the Brothers of the Sun tour.  We got to town a tad early, so we stopped at Xfinity Live for a drink and to watch the end of the Phils game.  Should not have bothered...

About 4:30 p.m., we walked over to Lincoln Financial Field for the concert, even though it started at 4:30 p.m.  I thought the first opening act would be Grace and the Nocturnals, then Jake Owen.  I was wrong.  After being told to throw out my aerosol sun block (which I will be emailing them about), we started the long walk to our seats.  LOL!  A big ole 63,000 seat stadium takes a bit to get around.  And in all that walking, we missed Jake Owen.  :-(  We made the last song and all the bowing.

Then it was Grace and the Nocturnals.  I thought they would be on first.  I mean, it is a country concert.  Ugh.  She was a powerhouse of energy and has a good voice.  I knew nothing she sang, so it wasn't the best part of the concert for me.  I said to Brian I wasn't impressed enough though to get any music from her.  

Honestly, the whole reason I wanted to go to this concert was to see, as my friend Erika says, hot Tim.  :-)  And he did not disappoint.  He opened the show with "Felt Good On My Lips" which got the place rockin'!  Oh my heavens.  One of his best recent hits.  So fun!  Great start to the night.  Want to see some pics?


 Still hot

 For some reason, I like this photo

 Not a bad view

 Tim McGraw is Tug McGraw's son and as a kid was a HUGE Tug McGraw fan before he even knew Tug was his father.  Eventually they became friends and spent Tug's last days together.  Since Tug helped the Phillies win the 1980 World Series, Tim wears the ring to his Philly concerts.  After singing "Live Like You Were Dying," he showed his ring off.  How 'bout that standing O?

Tim's set was shorter than I would have liked, but he wasn't the headliner.  In between sets, we took a self portrait.
Then it was time for Kenny Chesney.  He came up in the middle of the floor seating.  It's been done before, but still fun to see.

What is the impressive part of his opening was how he went from that circular area on the floor and the stage.  He flew.  Yup.  Flew.

Brian believes he used the over the field camera they use during football games to ride to the stage.  It was kinda neat.  Give him credit for originality and courage!  His show was good.  Like Tim, he did a mostly upbeat show with just a couple slow ones mixed in.  But, Kenny is kinda an upbeat guy.  Though I'll be honest, the levels were awful.  Multiple times during the concert it was hard to hear what he was singing.  Then again, there were many times he just started laughing and couldn't sing.

Of course, the encore was the Tim and Kenny song "Rock Star."  The place went kinda crazy again.  :-)  Love a Tim concert in Philly.

It was an amazing concert!  Tim is just as sexy as he's always been and sounded great!  It was a fun night out.  Though Brian should not be reading anymore, thank you sweetie for a fabulous anniversary night!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a brave woman you are to talk about another sexy man in a place your hubby can read about! :) Ha!

  2. LOL! Yea. Only there's no way anything will ever come of it. It's ok. I can still enjoy the view. :-)

  3. Happy belated anniversary! What a fun way to celebrate! I guess next year you'll have to do something that involved half naked gorgeous women..... just to even things out for your hubby. *hehe*

  4. Thanks Tracy! LOL! Half-naked gorgeous women, huh? B did get to see his favorite baseball team as his anniversary gift. But, I suppose men playing baseball doesn't really compete with half naked women. ;-)