Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think I found my motivation

So, lately I've been eating like crap.  Seriously.  Awful.  Like the world is ending tomorrow and this might be my last meal eating.  Why?  No idea.  It's been going on for like 2 months.  Yesterday my jeans were tight.  Not "wow. Look at those legs!" tight. More like, sausage casing tight.  Everything buttons/zips like it should, but I wasn't comfortable.

But...I got an email from NY&Co yesterday and the images on the ad looked promising.  I used to like their stuff...all their stuff.  For the last several years though I haven't been as excited.  There will be the occasional item that's nice, but I used to love everything. And then I got the email.  I have over $500 worth of clothing in my basket.  Yea...

Oh, and this skirt from Target

This means I need to lose some weight so I can get a nice size to wear and to look the best I can in them.  What about you?  Have you fallen in love with any fall fashion yet?

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