Wednesday, October 10, 2012

T-shirt comparison

I've been struggling with my weight lately. Over the past three months, I've gained about 15 pounds. Ugh. That sucks. No one likes to admit gaining. It's so much better to share you've lost.

So, I've been doing the whole upset I've gained weight, then eating to make myself feel better. Which it doesn't because I only gain more. See where this is going?

Yesterday I was switching over my summer clothes for my winter ones. We're finally getting cooler temperatures and I can finally wear long sleeves again. Yea!

While switching out my clothes, I found one of the first t-shirts I bought when I got to college. It's big. Really big. And it fit when I bought it.

Elizabethtown College located in Elizabethtown, PA 
Yea, extra-large...
And as I was pulling clothes out to put into the closet, I came across a long-sleeve t-shirt for Penn State (where I earned my M.A.). When I bought it, it was a tad tight, but after my work in the gym in the spring it fits. Kinda surprised, but happily.
I attended Penn State Capital Campus rather than Penn State Main. Closer.
 Yea! Smaller.
And then I thought this would be fun...
So, while I'm not happy about those 15 pounds that have come back I have still made progress overall. I have to remember that. I have to remember that the Elizabethtown College shirt could fit, rather than the Penn State one.  And I've lost those 15 pounds once, I can do it again. It's only failure if I chose to give up. And I've been battling this weight thing for years and have not given up. It's taking me longer than I would like, but I'm still making progress. Those two shirts are proof.

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