Monday, December 3, 2012

Balega Socks Review

I'll say upfront no one is paying me to say this. I did get a free pair of socks, but not because of the company. I ran the Sasquatch Trail 5k race in September and the local running store had a coupon for a free pair of these brand socks.

OK, so I finally got around to wearing my Balega socks I picked up back in October. The Sasquatch 5k was sponsored by a local running store and had a coupon for a free pair of socks. When I hit them up in October for the new sneakers I took my coupon with me and picked up a pair of socks too.

Sunday morning I threw these on for my 4 mile run because they matched my outfit. Yup. This here is a girl blog, yessiree. :-) I was a little unsure of them because they are fairly thin and have these odd cushion thing in the back. And just before I started running I thought, you shouldn't wear new stuff before a race. Then I realized I was only doing a training run. LOL! Apparently, the socks had gotten in my head.

After my run, I'll be honest I was pretty happy (and surprised) by them. I showed hubby I wore them and he asked how I like them. The first thing I noticed is how light they are. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing socks at all. Kinda an odd sensation. Which leads to my second observation in that they are really comfortable. They are soft and stay in place nicely. Lastly, I was a little nervous about the cushion on the back of the heel, but it was fine. Didn't interfere with my shoes and maybe helped my ankle? Not sure. But, I do know it didn't do anything weird which I expected it to.

So, if you're looking to pick up a pair of running socks for your running friends this Christmas, I would say go for a pair of Balega. I am contemplating grabbing a pair or two myself.

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