Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trainer Session


Last night hubby and I went back to the trainer after the holidays. We should have gone last Monday, but hubby was fighting an awful cold or some such and my knee was still unable to move much. We rescheduled for last night at 6:30 p.m. and went.

It was all legs. More to the point squats. I had no idea there were so many variations on the squat. We did the above, plus a few more and throw in some burpees and calf lifts for good measure. After the wall squats my knee made its displeasure known. I had to skip the jumping squats. I did do the side-to-side ball with throw (no idea the real name) and foot-over-foot planks.

Afterwards, I forced hubby into doing the stationary bike for 30 minutes. He wanted to go home, but I wanted to get in some cardio. Did 35 minutes on the stationary bike at incline 2 for 6.45 miles. I'm getting better since my knee injury on the bike. I started off 2013 at 6.33 miles, then got up to 6.65 before injuring my knee. Then last week I was in the 6.20 miles, then last night I got the distance back up. Not quite where I was, but better. I'll get back to it and hopefully even further.

Woke up this morning and my legs felt good. I was surprised. But, I'm starting to notice some soreness in the quads. Lovely. Hopefully this doesn't keep me from some form of cardio. It obviously won't be fast. LOL!

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