Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Celebration Virtual Marathon

Apparently it's spring out there. I'm sure someone is enjoying the new season. Here in the Mid-Atlantic Mother Nature is desperately hanging onto winter, maybe there has been a secret wedding...

For The Love Of The Run is hosting a fantastic virtual race to get us all in the spirit of the season though - Spring Celebration Virtual Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k. This great virtual race is now open and goes through May 19, 2013. For your $20.00 registration (only until April 2nd, then the price raises to $25.00) you'll receive a custom medal, random prizes, and a portion of the proceeds go to Jersey Rising.

Why am I promoting this race? Honestly, I'm getting nothing out of it. I paid my registration fee to run the 5k, no discount other than the early bird. I managed to be within the first 10 to sign up so I scored a t-shirt, but that's it. I'm doing it because I'm a Jersey Girl. I grew up in South Jersey, near Philadelphia. When Sandy tour through the shore area into NYC my heart hurt. Here's a wonderful way to continue supporting those families still dealing with the aftermath. It's been months since the storm hit, but there the area is still working on recovering.

So, I invite you to participate in this virtual race. The medal will be revealed in time and my inside sources tell me it's going to be epic. Let's go 13 in 2013 peeps! I'm sure this race will be perfect for you - one more race to your 13 and supporting a great cause!

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  1. Thank you Chris! I'm glad that you are joining us!