Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Stride Box

Do you feel like there are a bunch of "something-in-a-box-a-month" things out there? I sure do. I love the idea of them, pay a certain amount of money and receive a box once a month with things to try in it. I've seen many a blogger ordering ones with vitamins or some such in them and I just can't see myself ordering something like that.

Then, I somehow (sorry Stride Box! I don't remember how I heard of you, Twitter maybe?) heard about Stride Box. But, I did. And I read the website description which intrigued me. Running items sent to my house once a month for a reasonable price ($15.00). I work part-time and cannot afford all the pricey stuff that many a runner picks up. But, this, this seemed like a decent deal. So, I suggested to hubby we sign up and share the box. This way, we can each get some new stuff and nothing (hopefully) gets wasted.

This week my Stride Box came in my mailbox. I was a little surprised. For some reason I thought the box would be big enough that I would come home to something sitting on my front porch. Ah well...

This is what I saw:

Yup, that's the Stride Box alright...

To be honest, it was so pretty and hubby wasn't home from his run that I almost didn't want to open it...almost. ;-) I gave in my excitement and opened the box. 
What is inside??? 

I was intrigued by what was under that post card. What could it be???
Seriously...what is inside????

I'm giving them props for the branding. They sure know how to make you know who they are. I kinda didn't want to take the sticker off the pretty paper...but I did!
Yea! Look at all that stuff! What is it?

There were all sorts of stuff in there! I was so excited about pulling all of it out. It felt like Christmas day for runners as I pulled item after item out of the box. There were all sorts of stuff in there...none of which, honestly, I have ever tried before.

All of that fit in that tiny little box!

So what was in that fun little box?

Barnana: Original Chewy Banana Bites - "It all started in 1981 when my father began dehydrating bananas from our backyard in Southern Brasil. These chewy bananas tasted sweet, lasted for months, and were loved by our family and friends. Today, I am proud to share my Pai's secret."
    Tasty. They are a bit disconcerting as they are really dark brown, but they are tasty. They taste like banana nut bread in my opinion. A serving is 8 pieces for 140 calories.
Action Wipes: "Perfect for athletes, campers, travelers, & more. Action Wipes are made with a proprietary formula of natural, soothing ingredients that leave skin feeling soft & refreshed, never sticky."
     Haven't tried these yet, but am curious about the directions. Number 4 states they can reused for other purposes. Hmmm... (I'm not sure if the name is Energybits or because all the info has the .com with it, but that seems an odd name...) "Run better with bits. Energize your run naturally."
     I have heard never, ever chew them. Apparently you swallow. Haven't tried these yet. 
Hammer Nutrition Vegan Recovery Bar - Chocolate Peanut: "New Flavor! Enjoy after training for quick recovery. Super healthy, easy to chew, delicious energy bar."
    Haven't tried this yet. Should have read more closely that it was a post-workout bar. Needed one after tonight's workout. Though I stole the next item, this one might be hubby's.
Hammer Lips - WildBerry: "100% Natural, moisture rich lip balm free of harsh chemicals" 
     This I have tried. LOVE it! My lips are always chapped and I feel like in just the few days I've been using it this lip balm has made a difference. I received the WildBerry (thank heavens!), but I see others received the WinterMint. I will endorse the WildBerry. So sweet and it works!
Nuun Hydration Tabs - Cherry Limeade & Lemonade: "New Flavors! Dissolve in 16 oz of water and drink anytime."
     I haven't tried these yet. I also received one in my Zooma Training Kit and I bought a thing of them at the local running store just to see. I'm excited to try these out. With the weather getting warmer here (Mid-Atlantic) I really have high hopes for these!
Clif Bar Mini Energy Bar - Chocolate Brownie: "Enjoy anytime. Whole, organic ingredients, good nutrition and great taste. Made to fit in any pocket or drawer."
     I haven't tried this one. I think I promised it to the hubby. He's the chocolate fan in the house, so anything super chocolatey usually goes to him. He seems excited for it though.
Clif Shot Energy Gel - Razz: "Consume before or during exercise for quick energy while training and racing."
     We're both a little unsure about the gels. Neither of us use them and the texture worries us. We both use sports beans (there's just something about eating jelly beans on a run...) and are a little leery of the texture, at least I am. But, the point of this is to try new things and see if we're missing anything. One of us will use it!
Clif Shot Bloks - Mountain Berry: "Consume before or during training. Chewable 33calorie cubes."
     We will share this. There seems to be enough for us to each have a few and see what happens. We've never had these before, but since they are more like our normal sports beans I think we may have better luck with these than the gel.
Light-up slap bracelet/anklet/safety light: Cool! Hubby already claimed it because he is more likely to go for a run at night when it's dark than I. Let's be honest. I'll run by myself in many places and I walk half a mile to and from work in downtown Harrisburg, but I am uncomfortable running in the dark by myself. So, I'm ok with him claiming this one. But, I reserve the right to try it out sometime.

All that for $15.00! I'm pretty impressed with the amount of items they could get in the box and what those items were! I'm excited about trying stuff that's in the box and I'm already hooked on the lip balm. That alone was worth it! 

Are you subscribed to any monthly boxes? Are you subscribed to Stride Box? Have you tried any of the items in this month's Stride Box? What should be on the top of the try list?


  1. I signed up stridebox - waiting for my box that will arrive next month. :) I also get Birchbox ($10) and it's more girlie things.

  2. Sounds super fun. We used to get a foodie box, but I found that I couldn't eat much and it was $29 a month, so we cancelled it. Sure wish I could find an allergy-freak version. LOL!

  3. Kim, I'll have to check out Birchbox. The one I see everyone doing is the vitamin one. I don't take any to begin with, I never remember. And my doc said to stop taking calcium because of it's link to heart issues.

    Nicole, it is pretty neat. You might be able to do the Barnanas. The ingredient list says "Organic bananas." That's it. If interested in additional info, let me know. They taste like banana nut bread to me, though the texture is a bit different.