Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivational Monday

If you keep on doing what you've always done,
you'll keep on getting what you've always got.

I've read this so many places. I've even seen it on the window of a barber shop I pass on my way to work. I see it on motivational pictures on blogs and Facebook. I've seen it on motivational quote websites and in motivational quotes books.

It's so simple, but so true. How many times do we say we're going to change and we do. We start going to the gym. We go walking at lunch. We buy healthier foods. We skip going out at lunch. We see the scale go down, we see improvements in our physical ability. And we get cocky. I can eat a cookie, I lost weight this week. I can have that second beer, I added mileage this week.

The downward spiral starts innocently enough, doesn't it? An extra slice of bread when out for Italian, a slice of cake at the office at the birthday celebration. These can't hurt, right? Not when done individually, but as we justify the food we "splurge" too often but our behaviors haven't really changed. And we get the same results we've always got.

Instead, change has to be consistent. Change has to be so consistent it becomes reality. It becomes the new normal. It becomes habit. Sadly, the old you/me has to cease being. In order to actually reach those goals, change has to be more important than staying the same. Change has to be so important that there is no alternative than to go forward, to make a new you/me.

After seeing my photos from the Sole of the City 10k the other day, I need change. I can't keep doing what I've been doing. I do not like what I saw in those images. I can't outrun my diet. I know that is my issue. I know what I eat is what is holding me back. I need to clean it up. I need to cut the crap. I need to focus on healthy eating, portions, fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein, and water.

I am making a small dent. I've been working on eliminating soda from my diet. It's been since Thursday since I had one. I've had lemonade, iced tea, water, coffee, and tea. I know at some point I'll have one, but once in a while won't kill me. But, right now I need to cut it out. I need to focus on eating good food at all meals. I need to work on eating in more than I am. Don't allow stopping at the convenience store take precedence. I need to have real food waiting for me so stopping isn't necessary.

It's a journey. I have the road map. I just need to have the confidence I know how to drive the car and have the fuel to reach my destination.


  1. Cutting soda is so hard, hope you succeed!!! I have been trying to quit Pepsi forever, I haven't had great success, but at least I have cut back:) Love the quote at the top! Confidence is definitely the key! Good luck with your goals!

  2. You should take out all sugar drinks - lemonade and iced tea, too. Drinks are responsible for far too many of our calories. Good for you for taking steps to be healthier. Now if only I had your exercise motivation!

    1. Hey Nicole! I don't drink my calories (other than my weekend beer/fancy drinks). I drink Crystal Lite or unsweetened iced tea. For some reason, sweetened drinks (even soda) can be a bit sugary to me. I do my best to eat my calories at least. I know that's not good either, but it's something. :)

  3. That was a good read! Well, I hope this is not the “ONLY” motivational article you’ll ever write!

    1. Thanks Dave! I appreciate your kind words. I try to do one every Monday. Come on back anytime!