Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One month

One month from today, I'll be running the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon! Eep! I haven't been as successful with my goals so far for the race, but I'm feeling ok about things. I haven't lost the amount of weight I wanted to and at this point I won't. I can still lose some, but not be where I wanted to be by race day. I've been working on lifting more and trying to incorporate more core. I got back problems people. Need that core solid!

I haven't been getting in my weekday runs as much as I should. I haven't kept up with all my hill repeats. I haven't always gone to the gym at night.

The positive is I still have a month to change things around. I have 8 miles this weekend. I'm looking into TRX classes at my gym next week (they are doing demos to determine interest). Hubby and I are still working on lifting and core. I start a new program tomorrow called Creative Change Bootcamp, which I'm hoping to delve into my food issues.

So, one month til Z day! I'm still chasing that PR. I'm still chasing a strong run. Here's to a fantastic May!

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