Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm a real runner now

As I mentioned on Monday, I signed up for a running coach/running program for the next few months. I wanted someone else to make up my training plan to see if I can get faster. I've been debating running the Philadelphia Half Marathon again and this plan has me running it.

I received my plan Tuesday with all it's bells and whistles. For me, it's going to be challenging. I've been running the last couple of years with two 30 minute weekday runs and one long run that alternates long week with step-back week. This plan has miles during the week and no real step back until close to the race. Eep. That's kinda scary.

The plan also have farklets and speed training. Stuff I usually skip. Not that I skip them on purpose, honest! It's just that a lot of the plans call for stuff that I'm not sure how to implement, so I don't do them... shuffle...shuffle... But this time it's right there in black and white. Guess I better get my butt on figuring out how they work.

The only thing that may trip me up is the week I go on vacation. The plan does not make any concessions for that. It may be a bit tough to make the mileages that week while on a boat. We shall see. Hubby says hit the treadmill, it'll be boring, but doable. He's right. It's doable, but my 5 mile time is just over an hour. How boring is that????

I'll keep ya posted on how the plan comes along and if I chose to sign up for the Philly Half Marathon.

Have you worked with a running coach? Have you had someone else come up with a training plan for you to follow? How did it work for you?


  1. Congrats! It's great to have a plan to follow and can be so satisfying to check off days and weeks as you go.

    Is your vacation on a cruise ship? I was in training when I went on a cruise and ended up logging some miles by running on a track that they had. It beat the treadmill though was pretty short so had to run a number of laps.

    1. Yup, cruise. It has a running track and gym. I see myself using both. LOL!

  2. ugh i hear you about the treadmill - one of my main motivations for getting faster is that running gets boring after a certain amount of miles and it's time to just get them overwith! haha. congrats on taking this on!!

    1. LOL! I'm awful at using the treadmill. I think it might be that it makes me run at the same speed the whole time. I'm not good at that outside. I kinda just speed up/slow down all the time.

      Hmmm...maybe I need to use the treadmill more often as it might help me stay on pace the whole time. Thanks for the comment! You may have just made me realize the positives of the treadmill! :-)