Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Half Marathon #7 Scheduled

The past few months have been pretty bad in terms of running. I haven't been out on the streets much, even when I had a race. But, I ran the KidsPeace Trick-or-Trot 5k Saturday and had fun. It was the first time I've run in awhile where I had fun.

And since I had fun, I signed up for The Love Run! I've been looking at this race for a few months and wanted to sign up. Hubby isn't running Shamrock again, so I didn't want to make us drive back to Virginia Beach for me. The Love Run is in Philly and since I had to skip the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November, this gives me the chance to run in Philly in March in a first time race.

I'm really excited! And I'm in need of a good race, so I know I need to:

lose weight
strengthen my core
add flexibility
gain stamina
build muscle

I started using My Fitness Pal to keep track of my food and exercise. The past two days have gone well. I've tracked both in the program and it's interesting seeing the stat of "if you ate like this everyday you would be x pounds in 5 weeks." I like that, Right now it's saying I'll be about 10 pounds lighter. I'll take that.

So, I'm committing to all the above to run a strong and happy The Love Run Half Marathon. I want to finish that race (hopefully with a PR) like I did at the end of the Shamrock Half Marathon in March 2012. I had a 25 minute PR, but more than that I felt like I could run for another 2-3 miles. I felt good. I felt exhilarated. I was happy. I want that again (and the 25 minute PR wouldn't be turned down!). 

I've got five full months to get myself in tip top shape. I can do it. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Love the name of the race! You will do great!

    1. Haha! Yup, the name is great! One of my favorite cities! I ran the Philly Half marathon in Nov. 2011 and was going to this year, but decided to skip due to hip pain & ortho/PT appointments. I want to run my next half strong and healthy. Hoping that's the way this race goes!