Monday, January 26, 2015

Motivational Monday

I've been thinking on this concept for months now. I have so many things I want/like to do, but I have a hard time focusing on them. I have so many things I would like to do for a living that I have a hard time deciding.

I want to write a book {I've started writing three}. I want to work in pubic history {I do now, but not how I would like to}. I want to be an historian {but they aren't really in-demand and there is a lot of competition}. I want to be an event planner {weddings/galas/etc.}. I want to be a paid photographer {I've done one family session, one wedding reception and have another wedding coming up this August}. I want to be a person who makes history interesting to those who hate it {most people...}. I want to be involved in the weight loss/fitness industry in some way {along the lines of helping those who are overweight see they can workout rather than thinking they can't}. And I'll bet there are a few more things I want to do that are escaping me right now.

I need to work on narrowing down my choices. Or I need to start going forward in several directions to see which sticks. I just feel like all this indecision is making me turn my wheels and get nowhere.

And it's scary - to venture out into the unknown, to leave behind what I know in case I fall on my face. But, working PT as a manual laborer can't be that much worse than falling on my face trying something I would love to do.

What are you having trouble focusing on? Are you going in too many directions too?

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