Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Goals

Well, we all know that January didn't go the way I wanted it to. I missed all my goals, which is slightly disheartening.

But, onward and upward. I've got a bunch of new goals for February. Gotta move forward, right?
On the positive side, I have already completed one of my goals for February! I entered the lottery for BSR - Broad Street Run. They will contact people on February 18 if they got in or not, so not much more I can do about it now. Hoping I get in because it will be the perfect last long run before The Wild Half.

I'm halfway through goal number four, as I've downloaded the ESP, Eastern State Penitentiary photos onto the computer. Now to just edit them. Pretty happy about that. It's such a small thing, but it makes a mental difference.

I will admit now that I have adjusted the 1500 calories for 23 days. I read in Runner's World's The Runner's Diet that to stay the same weight-wise you take your weight and times it by 15. To lose obviously you need to reduce the calories in or burned. Well, 1500 is really low for me at this stage, so I'm giving myself a range between 1500-2000 daily. I'm putting it out there since I wrote my goals before reading the book and making the adjustment. So far so good on this one too.

Maybe my lack of motivation in January could have been avoided if I had worked a bit on some of my goals. Maybe I just needed action to get out of the malaise I was feeling. Whatever the cause, I'm working on things this month. Hoping to meet a few of those goals so when I recap my February it's on a much better note.

Do you have monthly goals? Do you write them down?

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