Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running in the cold isn't fun...really.

Well, I got up this morning and ran. I wasn't sure I could to be honest. My right calf was killing me (still isn't happy with me) and wasnt't sure I could actually run on it. But, I decided I could try. I could go to the park, start to run and if in too much pain, walk. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Found my new track outfit I got at TJ Maxx right after Christmas, but on my coat, gloves, and headband and off hubby and I went to the park. It was windy! Got out, stretched, and got started. It wasn't too bad in the beginning. The loop is about a mile and a quarter and I wasn't too bad until about half way through. But at the half way point, it starts going uphill. Which I think is just plain wrong. Seriously. Who makes the half way point of a trail uphill? through that and headed downhill. Yea! Had to stop to tie a shoe lace, which I justified the stop with all runners, no matter how good, have to stop to tie a shoe lace.

Now the killer part of this lovely park is the end of where I run. As you are just about done, there is a nice little wooden bridge. Very picturesque, but very steep on the way up and down. And once off the bridge, the trail goes UP. Ugh.

I was hoping to get done in less time than the last time I ran the park - Thanksgiving. I ran the same loop in 17:20. And I thought coming off the bridge, I had a pretty darn good shot at it. But, as I hit my marker to end, I was at 17:34. :( Very sad. I am happy that I went out and I'm happy that unlike last time, I didn't need to take a break at the hill. So, improvement made, even if I did loose time.

I have decided I'm going to try and run at this park on Saturday mornings. It's not far from the house and really, it's the only day I can run. I'm not a morning person, so I'm not getting up early enough to drive to the park, run, and drive back. So, I will go Saturday mornings and try to improve my time. It's a mile and a quarter. Maybe, someday, I can get my time in under 15 minutes!

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