Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Start

It is Sunday night (ok, technically Monday morning) and I am psyched. I have had a good weekend, though I have had a sad couple of weeks. As I've written earlier, my too-small ring now fits and a shirt I purchased last summer now fits. Well, now I have more happy news. The weather here in the northeast was warm this weekend - according to the weather report tonight, temps made it to 90. Really. 90. When does it get to 90 degrees in April? Oops. I digress. So, with warm temps and baseball tickets in hand, I needed (obviously) short sleeve shirts and capris. I grabbed some from last summer and started on clothes. I was thrilled when my capris fit without being snug. I generally have issues the first try-on of the season. Then I moved onto t-shirts. I tried on a cute blue cotton tee with a pretty pattern on the front. This shirt has never fit. The matching jacket does, but not the tee. It fit! And to celebrate, I wore it to the game. :) I was THRILLED!

So, with the high of my capris fitting and wearing clothing that has never fit, I am officially recommitting myself to my healthy eating and exercise routine. I've sad that the last two Sunday nights, but I'm so happy with really seeing results that I'm motivated to stop eating sweets and go back to Lenten actions. I can do this! I have 12 weeks to loose approximately 16 pounds. It will be a challenge, but it's doable!

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