Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Things

It has not been the best of weeks diet and exercise wise. I had high hopes on Sunday that I would get back on track, but I didn't. I wasn't as off the mark as last week, but I definintely wasn't doing what I should have been doing this week. Frustrating. The end of Lent and my Lenton resolution is KILLING me! Now that I know God won't kill me for not eating sweets or meat, it's like I never knew these items existed before. I need to get back to eating cereal and dried fruit for dessert rather than Easter candy. I need to stop snacking on the foods in the office kitchenette.

But, with all that negativity, there was some good this week. B and I went on vacation last June to Natural Bridge, VA. A very scenic and fun little vacation trip. The extremely large gift shop for the natural wonder had a beautiful synthetic opal ring and since I'm an opal suckor, I bought. Well, once I removed it from it's lovely plastic backing, I realized it was too small for ANY of my fingers. I was sooo disappointed. It's a very pretty ring and in silver, which I do not own much of. Well, I had an event last night for work that I had to dress very business formal for. I saw the ring and really wanted to wear it. So, expecting disappointment, I tried it on my right pinky finger. And much my surprise and delight, it fit! I was able to put it on! Which I could NOT do last summer. And the even better aspect of this was I could REMOVE the ring as well. :-) I wore my pretty opal ring with pride last night, even if I was the only person who knew.

And a second good this week, which should turn my negative week into a positive one, since two positives are double the negatives and should out-weigh the negative. in South Central PA the temperature is to be in the 70s. Which is glorious, and would be even more so if I had the day off, but I digress. I wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt to work. Since I haven't switched my winter clothes for summer clothes yet, I had very slim pickings this morning. I did find a cute pink/white/red shirt I bought last summer. The problem was it was tight about the chest. I have a large chest and button down shirts are the bane of my existance. No matter what size I am, in a button-down shirt, I'm one size bigger. Grrrr. Well, I was short on time, so I grabbed in with fingers crossed it might fit. I ironed it and threw it on and low and behold, IT FIT! It is the perfect size now.

I hadn't expected my 15 pound loss to make a big difference yet, but obviously, 15 pounds means something. I'm very excited my shirt and ring fit. I'm thinking of grabbing some other clothes and seeing if they fit. I have my 10-year college reunion tomorrow and I might not have to worry about buying something, I might have something new just by fitting into some old clothes!

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  1. Nice! Congratulations! I didn't realize this was the first short sleeves your brought out or that that was the ring you got at THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, Natural Bridge, VA.