Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday - Back on Track

The past week has been a train wreck. Seriously. I got sick Tuesday and when I'm sick, I have a tendency to eat crap. And with Lent being over and candy again adorning our pantry, it was easy enough to do. So, crap it was this week. Then on Thursday night, I stopped being able to taste anything. So, then it became the challenge to see if I could taste anything. Turns out unless it's really strong, no. I can taste the sweetness of jelly beans, bananas, the spiciness of pepperoni, and the strong after taste of licorice. Other than that, nada. Sucks. It's been several days now, you would think I would be able to taste again, especially since my nose is getting unstuffed. Very frustrating.

So, I'm back to eating healthy today. Kinda. I really want something to snack on right now and chances are I'll have it. We're having left over pizza for dinner, but after that, back on track. I should be fine this week, especially as I adjust to not being able to taste food. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to. Who knows? Here's hoping!

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