Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Sorts of Good Stuff

Sunday afternoon, a tad overdue for the weekly weigh-in update, but eh. So be it.

Yesterday was weigh-in day. I was a little unsure how it would work out. The scale at home was doing crazy things all week. One day saying I lost, the next saying I was up three. Really? Three pounds overnight? Did a grow a small cat or something? So, I wasn't sure if I would stay the same or loose. Not to be boastful or anything, but I was pretty sure I didn't gain. So, off I went to weigh-in. Had the lady I like weigh me in. She's nice and very encouraging. And I lost! Woohoo! Lost 1.6 last week. So excited about that. Now I'm down a total of 17.4 since January. Not too bad. I need 13.6 between now and the end of July. It's going to be tight. I might be able to swing 10 between now and then, 11 even. But, I should be close. :-)

After weigh-in it was off to the park. Brian came along, but he wasn't running. He was prepping for a 10k this morning and didn't want to run the day before. So, he walked while I ran. My running coach told me to go with another 2.5 mile run this week. Off I went for 2.5. It was not a fun run. Maybe no run is a fun run, but by the end of the first mile, I was feeling it. I think I didn't stretch my thighs enough and they hurt more than usual. Plus it was hot. I'm not digging the hot weather so much. It needs to go back to being cold for my running training. I got to the 1 mile mark and really didn't want to keep going, but I had a feeling my running coach would kick my butt if I didn't, so I kept moving. And I was moving fairly quickly, for me at least. I ran into an issue between mile 1.75 and 2 where I just kinda slowed down a lot, but picked it up on the last quarter mile and finished strong. I completed the two loops in 36:57. That was 34 seconds faster than the week before. :-) That made me happy, even as I was dying. LOL!

And since I mentioned Brian's 10k, he ran that this morning in Baltimore. He did AWESOME! It was HOT this morning, but he rocked it and finished in under an hour. It was his first 10k ever and did wonderful. And with that, he's done with 10ks until fall. LOL! Which I completely understand. Running a race in the city on a hot day? Yea, bring on the fall and cooler temps. Congrats Brian! You did amazing!


  1. You are doing so well! My run Saturday SUCKED. I was on the treadmill and just wanted to die. I am sticking with outdoor running!

  2. Thanks Ladies! I am pretty happy about how my running is coming along. I don't like the heat, but it's something to work through. I much rather have my cold temps to run in. But, I've got too many months before then and I can't ignore my running because of temperature. Hopefully I don't keel over. LOL!

  3. Thanks for the props, and for coming along today! I look forward to holding all your stuff when you do a race. You had an AWESSOME run on Saturday!

  4. That's "awessome" that I don't know how to spell "awesome".