Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Day

It's Monday. Work just sucks. There's nothing there for me right now and it's a waste of my time. Frustrating.

BUT, with that said, the rest of my day went well. I came home, changed and went up to the park for a run. This park is hilly, so I expect nothing more than a mile at this point, though I think I am almost ready to push it a little to add more distance. I thought it was tonight, but I was wrong. LOL!

I had a great run tonight though! For the first time in three runs at this park, I didn't walk the big hill. I ran it. Though I am sure if you saw me, you would think otherwise. ;-) It's a rough hill and not walking was an accomplishment. Finished my run at 14:06, yes, a 14 minute mile, but I am THRILLED with this time! It's 3 seconds faster than last time and 18 seconds faster than last time I ran there. Woohoo!

Then came home and made dinner. We took turkey breast and coated them with jerk seasoning. Heated those in the steamer (which if you don't have one, GO BUY ONE!) for 30 minutes. In the skillet, I heated up onion, green pepper, and tomatoes with a little oil, Italian seasoning, basil, and rosemary. It was so freaking good! It made me so happy to have a great run and a great healthy dinner. So, it's been a fantastic day since 5:30 p.m. LOL!