Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's that time again

Saturday morning/afternoon. Time to check in to make sure I'm on track with my weight-loss efforts and my running. I hate that I have to get up early on a Saturday to weigh-in, but really it's the only day that works for me. Sucks. I like to sleep in!

Got up this morning and headed off to WW. Got there and there were people waiting. That hasn't happened in a while. Guess it's the "oh crap! I have to get into a bathing suit soon!" people. ;-) Anyway...there's a girl there that I like weighing in with and she was working today, so I got in her line. She's really nice and young, so it makes weighing in a little easier. I wasn't sure what today would bring. I thought I did a great job of sticking to my goals this week, but you just can never tell. The scale at home did NOT want to budge. But, the WW scale said down 1.4 today. Yea! Very happy about that. I wanted 2, but you know, 1.4 is nothing to scoff at. So, I am still moving towards my goal of 30 pounds lost by the end of July. I may not make the full 30, but I'll be darn close!

So, off to the park I went. I was told after my abyssmal run last week that I need to drink and eat before hand now that the weather has turned warm. So, I brought a water bottle and some dried cherries with me today. Ate the cherries on the way to the park and had a tad of water from my water bottle. I didn't want to have to stop to use the ladies room while running. LOL! Goal today was 2.5 miles. Which is a HUGE jump from last Sat. 1 mile running and then off-and-on again second mile. But, I slowed down this time and just did it. It was warm, but to horrible. A nice cool breeze every so often. I can't say I particularly enjoyed the run per se, but I was proud of myself for getting to 2.5 miles after that horrible run last Sat. And, did I mention I did it without my shuffle? I totally forgot it this morning. I was afraid without it I would be BORED silly, but I spent the entire 37:31 telling myself I could run the 2.5 miles. LOL! Goofy I know, but I had to do SOMETHING with my mind. I also added in a small hill to this run. I took the long loop and I think that made all the difference in running the 2.5. Phew! I'm very happy with myself for getting that far. :-)

So, goals for the week:

1. 2 nights of running
2. 3 nights of other cardio
3. On points 6 days

It seems like my goals will generally be the same each week, but having written them down last week and done a fairly good job in keeping them, I'm going to continue.

Happy Saturday!


  1. "weigh" to go!! hehe. I'm so corny.

  2. You are corny! LOL! Though it made me laugh, so I'm not sure which is worse. ;-)