Friday, July 3, 2009

First weigh-in of July

Headed off to WW this morning. Was kinda tired, but got up. I needed to get there when they opened because we had plans to head to Hershey Park today! Yea! Just what every dieting girl needs...a trip to an amusement park devoted to chocolate. LOL!

Had a great week apparently. Lost 3.4 pounds. I KNOW! Who would have thought? So, down a total of 23.6 pounds. I will not hit my goal of 30 pounds by the end of July, but I can hit 25 pounds. That isn't something to scoff at and it's not THAT far from 30. It would bring me to the half way point of my goal of 50 pounds. Something again to be excited for.

Today ended up being my cheat day. Ate too much crap at the end of the day. Sucks though because tomorrow is 4th of July. Ah well. Looks like our BBQ plans have changed and hubby's parents don't have as big a food selection as my family. Also hoping they'll have stuff I don't like so I'm not tempted to have stuff I shouldn't. LOL! Isn't that horrible?

So, I just need 1.4 pounds this week to hit 25. *fingers crossed* I can hit it this week!

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