Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interesting Week

I have no idea how this week is going to pan out. I had a really good Sunday (after a fairly ok Sat. and a decent Fri.). Then yesterday was the All-Star Home Run Derby. It's one of my favorite non-Phillies baseball events all season. Especially when my boys are in it! We go out to eat and watch the game. I planned ahead and knew what I was going to order. And I followed through. Yea me! I had half an order of the pretzel sticks and the Southwestern Chicken Chop Chop (no, I didn't eat the chicken. I brought it home for Brian to eat). Both were delicious! I also hate two lite beers, which were part of the plan.

So, today, when I jumped on the Wii Fit to do the Body Test, I didn't have much hope that it would be a good weigh-in. Well, I had been down 1.1 Monday and then went down another .2 today. :-) Yea! I was very happy to see that I planned ahead and it worked.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Lancaster outlets with my mom. I'll have breakfast here, but no idea what's going on for lunch/dinner. Sucks. I have a goal here and I don't know how tomorrow is going to effect it. Aiming for mostly veggies for meals tomorrow. Can't go wrong with veggies, right?

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