Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eating Out

It is so freaking hard to eat out. No matter where you go, it's a challenge to find healthy options to keep you on tract. It's like picking the lesser of two evils. What brings this up is I had lunch out yesterday - Ruby Tuesday - and I'm eating dinner out tonight - TGIFridays. Yesterday, I was out with my mom at the outlets and we grabbed lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, which we generally do when we're there. I went with a lite lemonade (which just made my day!) and a veggie burger. The burger was actually pretty good (I hadn't had one from there before). It was a little spicy and it broke apart pretty easily, but it was good. The hiccup was I ate more of my fries than I should have. But, they are so freakin' good and fries are my weakness. It's so hard for me to NOT eat them.

Tonight, we're heading to TGIFriday's to help support our local SPCA. If we eat there today, the SPCA gets a portion of the proceeds from today's meals. But, in checking out the menu options ahead of time, they have so few healthy options. And every option I thought I would eat, was about 10 points a piece, and that's just the main meal, not any side dishes. Seriously, that's insane! How do you eat healthy if the best options are 410 calories/19 grams fat (turkey burger) or 500 calories/12 grams fat (salmon over fettuchini noodles)? It's crazy!

Wish me luck! My love for animals will make me head to Friday's tonight. Hopefully I can find something healthy...weigh-in is tomorrow!

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