Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today was my first run in about a month. It may have been exactly a month for all I know, I just know the last time I ran was early July. I did my 5k on June 28th, then did two more runs after wards, but had pain in my knee. I decided it wasn't worth killing my knee over until I could see the dr. So, since I went to the doc yesterday, and she didn't think it was serious, I decided to go out today.

I took her advice before running, I took a Aleve. My goal wasn't too far - just one mile - but I decided it was a good idea to take it since I haven't run in a while. Got to the park and stretched. I'm not a HUGE stretcher, but I did my normal pre-run stretch routine. There wasn't a bunch of runners there this morning, which surprised me. At first, I was the only one and that's kinda sad. LOL! I got started and felt pretty good. I did have one cause for concern when I wasn't even a quarter mile out and I coughed. I was afraid of a full-on coughing jag. But, I coughed once and kept going. Phew! I hit the three-quarter mile mark and thought I could run even more. I actually didn't feel bad. I was breathing heavy, but not having run for a month and dealing with the remenants of this darn cold led to me to believe I was ok. I could breathe, so I could run. I hit the mile marker at 12:39, which isn't the fastest I've run the mile at this park (12:16), but it wasn't the worst either (13:17). It was a decent time actually. I thought I might do one full loop at that point, which would be more than I aimed for when I got to the park. I went to the park thinking a mile, but at the mile marker, I felt good. I kept running. But, once I hit the 1.25 mile marker (16:02), I decided I was done. It was a quarter mile longer than I was going to run and 1.25 miles more than I've run in a month. LOL!

My goal is to run 1 mile two more times this week. It'll be at Shelley, cause driving up to Couselor is just not worth it during the week. But Shelley has hills, so it'll be a good test of how I'm really doing. Here's to getting back on track.


  1. Now I have to start keeping up with you on the exercise!!! Way to go! I wish I had your exercise motivation. good thing ww is working for me sans the far. :)

  2. LOL! Apparently, we have our own strengths at the moment. I'm supposed to run today, but I haven't gotten to it. Oops! Looks like it may have to be done after dinner, which is not my favorite. Good thing it's only 1 mile.