Friday, August 14, 2009

FINALLY! 25 Pounds!

It has been 32 weeks since I started Weight Watchers. I started about two months before Christmas in 2008. I figured I'd start early to help keep me on track over the holidays. Since then, I had a gold of 7-squared, where I would loose 7 pounds a month for 7 months. Didn't quite hit that. LOL! Then it was 25 pounds by July 23rd, the day we left for vacation. I missed it by .8 pounds! So mad! LOL! Then we came home from vacation and I got sick, so between vacation and sickness, I gained 1.2 pounds. :-(

I spent this week working on loosing. The week didn't start off great. I actually was really concerned about this week because I had lunch out scheduled for Wednesday and dinner out scheduled for Thursday (the night before weigh-in). I wasn't sure how well this would work out. I tried Wednesday to eat healthy at lunch, but I caved and ate my fries. They were good though... Then last night, I ordered a turkey burger, but asked for broccoli INSTEAD of the fries. Progress. But I still worried. Would there be too much salt in last night's meal? Did I drink enough water?

Set the alarm this morning to go to WW at 9:30 a.m. like I have all summer. Apparently, the alarm went off, I turned it off, and went back to bed! Woke up at 8:55 a.m., which is 5 minutes before I normally leave the house! Opps! I changed quick, put on deodorant, and perfume and headed out. Got to WW and it was pretty quiet, not too many people there. Went up and weighed in, hoping that I at least lost what I gained last week. And the moment of truth came - 2.2 pounds...enough to hit the elusive 25 pound mark!!! I am so freaking happy about this! I missed my deadline/goal by about three weeks, but I hit it!!! I am officially at the half way point in my weight-loss efforts. And now need just 9.8 pounds in the next 7.5 weeks to hit my next goal of 12 pounds. Yea!


  1. YOU ROCK, girl! GO YOU! I'm so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work or else I might catch up to you! ;o)

  2. I know! You're going to catch up and I'm going to feel like a dork. LOL!

    Thanks! I am pretty happy about this week. I was really just hoping to lose what I gained last week. The extra pound was just icing on the cake...which I shouldn't really eat... LOL!

    Just 25 more pounds to go!

  3. Good luck! I am sure you can make your goal of 12 pounds!!

  4. Thanks Bethany! I can use all the positive thinking I can get!! :-)