Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hump Day

Wednesday. I used to love Wednesdays. It was the half-way point to the week. It was the first day towards the weekend. Now it doesn't seem to matter much. Ah well.

I had a good Wednesday. I ate very well Wednesday. I had a nice breakfast of my Special K Blueberry cereal, to which I have been addicted to for well over a year. It's sooo good! Highly recommend it. Lunch was a yummy tuna melt - half can of tuna in water, reduced-fat Provolone cheese, and Pepperidge Deli Flat Bread. Sooo yummy! I had carrots with it and finished it off with dried cranberries and apples. I was thrilled at how good the dried cranberries and apples were. A serving is a serving of fruit, which is lovely. It's not as big as I would like it to be (1/4 cup), but since the cranberries and apples are small, it's not too bad.

The test came at dinner. We had tickets to the York Revolutions last home game of the season last night. So, we ate at the game. I had a turkey burger and 5 french fries. They have awesome turkey burgers, so I get a burger with two pickels. So good! And since hubby got fries, I stole some. I meant to steal only three, but I ended up with 5. Oops! Guess it's better than getting my own thing of fries.

I also did the Wii Active Upper Body yesterday. I've been trying to do the Wii on days I'm not running. I did 25 minutes of that and an additional 5 minutes of some free weights that aren't part of the Wii routine. It worked out for me at least. Hoping it works out overall for me this week!


  1. I don't know how you only ate 5 fries!!! I wish I had your willpower!

    And I'm so making a tuna melt this weekend! Thanks for the great idea and the recipe on facebook. So simple and I probably would have never thought of it if it wasn't for your post.

  2. Well, the fries are an interesting situation. They aren't mine, so I kinda feel bad eating someone else's food. Since they are Brian's I can curb how many I eat since I don't want to eat ALL his fries. If that makes sense.

    And you're welcome for the tuna melt recipe. :) It's so simple, easy, and low in points. I always put spicy mustard in my tuna rather than the mayo now, but B does steak sauce (A-1). And the deli flats sandwiches? I prefer the Arnold brand, but I will say, around here Pepperidge Farm is cheaper. But, I LOVE these breads! So tasty.