Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday Update

Yup, I am updating on a somewhat daily basis. LOL! It's helping keep me on track and since that's the WHOLE POINT OF THIS BLOG, you'll have to deal. ;-)

Yesterday was ok. I did get all my water in. Thank heavens! It was a struggle on Monday. I did have more fruits and veggies than the last two days, so that's a positive. I stayed within points...actually I was short one. I hate when I end up with an uneven number of points at the end of the day. So much of what I have is even points value. So, I had 5 points left after dinner and so much of what I have it 2 points. Ugh. Ah well. It's never a horrible thing to be one point under. I'm sure I've been over by one point at some point to even it out.

I went to the park last night to run. The goal was 4 miles. I'm easing down to the 5k I'm running this Sunday in Baltimore. I did 5 miles on Sunday, wanted 4 miles on Tuesday and 3 miles on Thursday, then the race Sunday. Well, the run didn't go as well as I hoped. I got to 2 miles and wanted to stop. But I somehow had to talk myself out of it. So, I turned around and ran back the way I came in the hopes of getting another mile in. I was just over 2 miles and my toe started to hurt (I have a nice bruise on the side of my foot just below my big toe). And my knee started bothering me. I gutted it out and got another mile in before I just kinda gave up. I figured I'm only running 3.1 on Sunday, if my runs Tuesday and Thursday reflect only that, then so be it. Hopefully Thursday's run will be better. Hopefully...

So, that was Tuesday. Today will be interesting as we have our last Indpendent League baseball game of the season tonight. I always get a turkey burger with 2 pickles. So good! And that's what I'll get tonight. Just have to be on points until we leave. I can do it!

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