Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, I have done pretty well the past two days with staying on plan. I'm very happy about that. I exercised both Sunday and Monday (running 5 miles Sunday and 30 minutes arm weights on Monday between Wii Active and free weights). That's generally the hard part for me, getting in the exercise, as it's not my favorite thing to do. But I did it and I feel more motivated to keep up my exercise as the week goes on.

Food-wise, have done well too. :-) Very happy about that. Sundays are hit and miss with me and I can easily stray off track. But, I did well and did what I set out to do - ate healthy and drank my water. I didn't even have a drink during the two baseball games I watched - sometimes Sunday nights involve a drink with dinner. This week I kept to the plan. Yesterday, did great! I could have had a little more veggies, but I stayed on track with food and good on points. I was very happy about that.

The thing I need to work on is water. I did good on Sunday, but not Monday. I am focusing on that today. I have a good ole plastic cup of water sitting on the tray table for this afternoon. Should get in at least HALF of my water from it alone. I also had carrots (sans humus) at lunch and am working on an apple for dessert. I think I will have a slice of SF Angel Food Cake with a sliced banana for dessert after dinner, so more fruits. :-)

I really want a loss this week, so I have three more days to kick my butt and do what needs to be done. *nod*


  1. You ROCK the program. I've got to catch up to you. I've got the water and the food - it is the exercise I need to work on. So.not.motivated!

  2. Awwww...thanks. *blush* There are weeks when I'm top of things and weeks I'm not. I'm hoping this is a week I'm top of things. I have goals darn it and they aren't getting met by having bad weeks. Ugh.

    I don't like exercise honestly. It sucks. But, I know for me I need to do it. I can loose without it, but when I exercise I loose a little more. Hoping my re-commitment to exercise this weeks shows on the scale this week.