Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Running News (a day late)

I am running in Al's Run 8k on October 8th in Milwaukee, WI. We are on vacation then, but since we are visiting friends who were already running it, we decided to join them. In order to do so, I would have to train to run it, since my furthest run had only been 3.25 miles. I have been working hard the last few weeks to get to 5 miles. This past Sunday I did it! I ran 5 miles at the park!! I was so excited! I had a plan and while I fell a little behind last week, I was still able to stay on track this week and do 4.5 laps = to 5 miles. Woohoo! I can run Al's Run! Now it's a matter of getting that 1:17:52 time down. :-)


  1. Thanks! I'm working on it. After Sunday's 5k, I will work on getting my time down for the 8k in Oct. :-)