Friday, September 11, 2009

I should be happy...

Ugh. Today is really cold and wet. It's one of those "I don't want to get out of bed" days. It's dark, chilly, and the rain is coming down! It's kinda crazy actually.

Which makes getting up and going to WW all the harder to do. LOL! But, I got up, checked my scale (which said I was down) and headed into the crazy cold, rainy weather. I got there and weighed in and down .6 pounds. WAY less than what my scale at home said. Now, I know my scale and WW scale isn't equal, they never have been, BUT they have been fairly consistent in how much I have lost, even if the numbers don't match. Generally, my home scale is about 5 pounds less than the WW one, which is fine since I know that. What I like is that if I'm down a pound at home, I'm down about a pound at WW. This week was not the case. I was down 1.5 pounds at home, but only .6 at WW. I think it's the scale. When I weigh in on the scale on the left, it's closer to my home scale. When I weigh in on the scale on the right, it's higher. And the last two weeks I've weighed in on the scale on the right. Ugh.

I suppose I should focus on the fact that I'm down this week, but I just can't help but wonder if I would have been down more if I had weighed in on the scale on the left....

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