Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mental Issues

I have a mental problem. I am having a hard time seeing myself as having lost weight. I generally see it when I look at photographs, but on a daily basis, I don't really see it. I look in the mirror and my face looks fat. I look in the full-length mirror in the bedroom and don't see a difference. Mentally, I still see myself 30 pounds heavier...or heaven forbid, 55 pounds heavier (what I was when I graduated college 10 years ago). I just can't shake the mental picture that I no longer look like I did then. I think a good many people who have lost weight (more than say 10 pounds) have this problem. It's hard to let go mentally what you have spent so much time building up in your head. Here are two photos that I can see obviously the differences, but it's hard to see them in the mirror as I'm brushing my teeth.

August 2008
September 2009

Seeing these two photos, I can see the difference...it's the day-to-day that kills me. And it's the day-to-day that I have to get through to continue with the weight-loss battle. Ugh.


  1. Thanks. It's just rough day-to-day. Maybe I should print out two photos, like a before and after, and put them side-by-side. Maybe that will help me sees I AM making changes that are noticable. Maybe?

  2. I can totally see the difference! You look great. And you're doing great! Next time you look in the mirror, stick your tongue out at your reflection for not being more proud of yourself! :o)

  3. LOL! Yea, I can see the difference in the photos. It's just hard to get my mind around I HAVE lost weight. I tend to think I still weigh/look like I did in the first picture rather than the second.

    Weigh-in tomorrow. We shall see what happens...