Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Improved Run

Tuesday was filled with all sorts of stuff. I had a great run AND went out for dinner. Let's start with food, as I always start with food. :-)

I woke up WAY later than I meant to. I normally get up about 9:30 a.m., but I didn't get up until after 10:00 a.m. Oops! Because I was up so late, I saw no point in eating breakfast since I would be having lunch shortly. Probably not the smartest move, but it's the decision I came to. Lunch was good. I had another cheese and veggie filled wrap for lunch. So good! So sad the cheese is gone now. :-( For dessert I had a banana. I thought about having soup, but I decided I just didn't want it. The big obstacle in food consumption involved dinner out. My hubby's parents wanted to see us before we headed out on vacation, so asked to have dinner. We headed out to TGIFriday's, which I might say has a very limited healthy entree menu. I think the food options have gotten better at Friday's, but they aren't great when it comes to healthy foods. I ended up with the Cedar-Seared Salmon Pasta, which was very very good. It was part of their Right Portion menu. I ate half of it - one piece of salmon and half the pasta. Once home, I saw it was 10 points for the whole thing, so not too bad at 5 points for half. I also had one nacho. No idea what the point value on that was. I tried looking it up, but nothing. When we got home, I tried the WW White Chocolate Peppermind Smoothie with milk. I will say, the taste itself wasn't bad, but I would recommend blending it with ice for optimal taste. And that's it. I didn't quite make my veggie/fruit intake, nor drink all my water, but I was on points WITH going out to dinner.

Exercise worked out well actually, as you can tell from the title of today's post. I went to the park that's just up the street rather than using the treadmill or going to the further park. I haven't been to Shelley Park since June. I was thinking two laps, maybe a third, but I wasn't going to be upset no matter how many laps I ran. I headed out with my Avril Laveigne CD playing and had a GREAT run. I hit the halfway mark on the first mile at 5:51, which is what I was doing at Couslor. I was stoked! I've never run under 6 minutes at Shelley for 1/2 mile. At that point, I figured I was going to PR at Shelley. I wasn't going to PR overall, because Shelley is killer due to hills, but I just knew I was going to have a good run. I got up the steep hill, ran around the baseball field and hit the home stretch. When I got to the end, I stopped. Yes, only one mile, but it was a mile at 12:41 - a whole 54 seconds faster than the last time I ran at Shelley. Woohoo! I recognized I should have kept going, so when I came home, I did an additional 20 minutes on my exercise bike. But I was THRILLED with my one mile. :-)

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