Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been not so good

Ugh. Ever since Friday, I have been so off. Just horribly, horribly off. Friday night, we were going to do quesadillas, but we did not have enough tortilla shells. So, instead we ordered pizza and breadsticks...and had beer. It was delicious! I will say, we put veggies on the pizza at least.

Got up Saturday morning and ran 3.5 miles for the first time. It was in 1:02, but I ran slow to make sure I could do 3.5 miles. I was happy to do it! After wards, we hit DD for donuts and iced coffee. Tried the new Toffee for my Coffee donut cause I love toffee stuff. The donut, not so good. I wasn't thrilled and really wouldn't recommend it. We got home, showered and headed off to a wedding reception for my hubby's cousin. It was a low-key affair in their back yard. We grabbed a beer and I had a slice of very delicious wedding cake. And I mean that, very moist. We headed home and met up with our friend from NY to go to dinner. Dinner was a shared nachoes appetizer and a grilled cheese with fries and a beer for dinner. Ugh. Not great choices. But, that was about all I had on Saturday.

Sunday, was probably the worst. Had my bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ for breakfast. Then the three of us headed to Baltimore to catch the Orioles play. It was Dollar Dog and Dollar Soda day. I got a hot dog, which is unusual for me, but for a buck...Then I had a soft pretzel. It was tasty! After the game, we stopped at a place across from the park and had dinner. Had a beer, onion rings, and cajun tuna. I did skip the bread on the tuna and didn't eat all the onion rings. Neither were all that good. Then it was off for dessert at ESPNZone. We got there and I ordered a Rum Carrot Cake. I was so excited until they told me it had raisins. :-( No dessert for me. I watched with my White Russian while everyone had HUGE desserts. Once we got home I had a TastyKake Butterscotch Krimpet.

Monday wasn't great, but wasn't horrible. Tuesday, the same. I just can't seem to get myself back to eating healthy this week. What's wrong??? I do this ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I have a great week and I go off the deep end. I can't seem to just continue all the healthy things that got me to a loss. Ugh. I am probably going to skip going this week. I don't want to see the scale go up. I am finally getting back on track and I want to keep the momentum, rather than get upset seeing the gain. Hopefully I'm back to healthy eating habits. My exercise has been fine.


  1. OK - don't you just hate when dieting karma comes around to bite you in the ass? A really great week followed by way too many temptations. And the dieting gods know we will never make the right choices. here's to hoping that the diet angels lift you up off of the scale this week - even if only ever so slightly :)

  2. Thanks! I'm waiting until tomorrow to officially decide to go or not. I don't want to see a HUGE gain, so if the scale is close to what I was last week, I'll go. Small gain I can handle, large gain I cannot. LOL!

    Heading out at 6 for a 3.5 mile run. Maybe that will help the scale. Maybe?