Monday, September 21, 2009

Start of a new week

It's Monday. The first day of the new week and time to get back on track. I had a good Sunday - ate within my points and had a run. Today, was a new day and needed to stay consistent. Stay within points.

Got up this morning and had my cereal. Yum! Had a nice cup of coffee with it as well. Lunch was awesome...again. I toasted an apple with reduced-fat cheese until the cheese melts. Yum! As well as some carrots. A nice snack of dried cranberries and apples was a tad healthier than my normal three Hershey Kisses. ;-) Dinner was impressive...for me. Hubby grilled up salmon burgers on lite rolls and a smidge of Caesar dressing. We also had tator tots and broccoli with cheese. I was pretty impressed we could pull that off! And it was good.

No exercise. :-( I was going to use the Wii, but it didn't happen. We made a big dinner and I never did the Wii. I'll blame it on running the 5k yesterday. LOL! Cause we all know that's why I didn't do the Wii today.

Overall, not a bad day. Gotta keep that going until Friday.


  1. 1) Damn the running. See - now you know why I don't even start.

    2) Chocolate is healthy (I'll just keep telling myself that)

    3) Can B come cook for me one night???

  2. 1) I ran today. LOL! 40 minutes on the treadmill, which is 6 minutes longer than my best time. Yea!

    2) Chocolate is healthy. Especially the dark chocolate. ;)

    3) I don't know if B makes house calls. I'll have to check. ;)

  3. Am I a celebrity chef now?

    The salmon burgers were good, but they were frozen and came out of a box. If I were to go all the way to north jersey, I'd whip up one of my specialties, like "Toaster Oven Tuna Surprise" or "Brian's Completely Burnt Entree of the Day".