Friday, November 20, 2009

Boot Camp Weigh In 3 - Day 19 of Boot Camp

Sorry to disappoint, but I did not go to weigh in today. My home scale says I'm up from last week and I don't have the heart to see my book go back into the 10 pound range above. Just can't do it. Took too long (5.5 months) to go into it that I can't bear to turn back. It's going to be a rough week coming up, but I have faith I can handle it.

Upcoming week:

Sat., Nov. 20-22 - Philly - hubby is running the Philly Half Marathon, so we're heading to Philly on Sat. for packet pick-up, grabbing a pasta dinner, then turning in early so we can be up bright and early for the 7:00 a.m. start time Sunday morning. We're staying in Philly and will watch the Eagles game Sunday night in the city, then meeting up with a friend in for the holidays on Monday for lunch. Then home.

Thurs., Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Day. A landmine of delicious, yet calorie-laden food. Must be vigilent about what I eat that day as there are TONS of things I get once a year (aka Thanksgiving) that I have to be wary of. So, this is the day that a good strong work-out will be needed.

Fri., Nov. 27 - While this is after my next weigh-in, technically it's part of next week. Other friends are coming in from TN for the holiday and we'll be joining them for lunch.

And wait til you hear what next week brings! Oh the humanity!

Onward to a recap from Day 19 of Boot Camp!

Exercise: Seems to be something I'm struggling with lately. But, I had a wonderful pep talk with a friend and have dedicated myself to exercise. It sure helps she's willing to kick my ass to make sure I do it. :-) So, we both agreed to run and I did. Got in 2.375 miles of running and .175 miles walking. Which is a TON more than I've done lately. I'm thinking I have to sign up for another race or I will let my running slide. Which would be a shame after all the hard work I've put in this year. So, I gotta get my butt in gear and sign up for the Jingle Bell race in Harrisburg.

Water: Missed by a tad. Drank most of a glass of water, then we ran errands and I never finished it. Doh! But, the good thing is that I'm getting back into the habit of drinking it.

Sweets: Well, not sure about this. I bought a pack of praline pecans as a treat for having emailed my entire thesis to my prof. Since they were nuts, I didn't think anything of it. Then I started wondering if the pecan coating could qualify them as sweets? This is a really hard thing, giving up sweets. Chocolate is a given, so no trail mix with chocolate, but this is on the iffy side for me. So, I may have been ok, or not. Ugh.

Points: I was good until the pecans. LOL! Actually, I had a TON of points at the end of the day, so I got myself a Chai Latte with soy milk. It turned out to be 7 points! I thought it would be more like 5. :-( So, thinking it was only 5 points, I ate the pecans mentioned above. Which after finding out my Latte was 7 points, put me over. Darn it!

9:00 p.m.: No food after 9:00 p.m. again.

Breakfast: I was lazy with breakfast. Again. Ugh. A bowl of cereal and a bowl of grapes. LOL! Wow, so exciting.

3 Fruits: Got all three in. Yea!

2 Vegetables: Vegetables were easy today. I made a lunch and dinner similar to the recipe below - lunch was veggies with roasted red pepper humus on a tortilla and dinner was the veggies and tuna with cheese on a tortilla. We were being lazy at dinner, but I definitely got my vegetables in. :-)

So, this coming week is going to be a HUGE challenge - both food and exercise wise. I need to bring my workout gear to Philly as our hotel has a gym. I can use that on Sunday and Monday to make sure I get a workout in. Those will be tough and eating out Sat night, all of Sunday and 2 meals on Monday will stretch my willpower. If I can come out of the weekend intact, this will be a great weekend to use to prove I can resist temptation and stay on track.


  1. OK - now I don't feel so bad that my scale was up this week, too. Misery loves company, right?! Here's to kicking ass and losing weight NEXT week!

  2. Ugh. Loosing weight this week is a pipe dream. I'm looking to start back in full force on Sunday. Why?

    1. Thanksgiving
    2. Lunch with friends from TN Friday
    3. Friend's 1st birthday party for her little girl Saturday

    So, Sunday kick ass boot camp. Yup.