Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 17 - Day 17 of Boot Camp

FINALLY got somewhat back on the boot camp band wagon. Shesh! Wasn't perfect, but better than the last several days. It's amazing how hard it is to get things on the right track when you get derailed. What the heck???

Exercise: Nothing. LOL! Great way to start off the recap, huh? I have a valid reason. I spent an entire day writing up my citation page for my thesis. It was oh so fun, and it took me literally until 11:29 p.m. So, no exercise. But I really wanted to get it done in one day, so...

Water: 6 cups. Ugh. But, it's WAY more than I have had the last couple days so it's a start.

Sweets: None. Yea!

Points: FINALLY! Stayed on track. Phew!

9:00 p.m.: No food after 9:00 p.m. again.

Breakfast: Eh. Nothing exciting. English muffin, jelly, ICBINB, and a banana.

3 Fruits: Got em in. Finally. It's amazing how hard these things are to get in.

2 Vegetables: Had a yummy veggie dinner - spaghetti squash and vegetables. This got all my vegetables in with one meal. It was nice. And it's such a tasty meal. :)

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