Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 7 - Day 7 of Boot Camp

Saturday. The hardest day of the week for me to stay on track. We're always running around doing stuff, going out to eat, and what not. Trying to stick to such a regimented structure like boot camp on a very flexible day is tough. But, I tried. And really, the point of boot camp is to get me to THINK about what I'm doing more. I'm not going to be perfect, but I can be more conscious of my decisions.

Exercise: Saturday mornings mean long runs. I get up, head to the park, and usually run a fair distance, then go to DD for donuts. Well, with boot camp, the donuts were out, but I still went running. It was only my second run this week and only third one since vacation in Oct., so I didn't have high hopes. I got in 2.25 miles in about 30 minutes. I would normally be able to tell you my exact time, but the stop watch stopped working and I have NO idea. :-( Very mad at that. So, I ran 2.25 miles, but not sure how long.

Water: There was no water today. I had four drinks all day: 1 cup of coffee, 1 Miller Lite, 1 Sam Adams Winter Ale, and 1 Diet Coke. No water. Saturdays suck for water consumption.

Sweets: I rocked at this one today. We went to dinner with a friend and after wards went to Bruesters for ice cream. I was the only one who resisted, which was tough since they had my favorite, pumpkin. I had a Diet Coke instead and kept the no sweets streak alive. Go me!

Points: This went much better than I expected it to. I had a nice breakfast of cereal, milk, coffee and a banana, which was sorta brunch. Then a serving of Goldfish Pretzels as a snack in the afternoon. Then off to dinner. Had two beers, a house salad (with lite dressing), a turkey wrap, and fries. The worst thing I had was the fries and I was only into my flex points by 10. It worked out really well. I'm proud of myself. And the funny thing is, I have 15 flex points available for the rest of the week. Wow.

9:00 p.m.: Worked out fine, even with eating out.

Breakfast: Breakfast was more brunch than a real breakfast only because I run on Sat. and I've discovered I can't eat a big meal before running. So, I can home and made my somewhat normal breakfast at about 10:30 a.m. So, it was more of a brunch, but it was more than 5 points total. :-)

3 Fruits: Ugh. 2 of 3 in. It's hard when you're out and about to get in all your fruits. I had a banana at breakfast, then my wrap had apples and cranberries in it. Not enough alone for a fruit, but combined, there was about a full serving of fruit. So, only two today.

2 Vegetables: I ordered a salad at dinner specifically so I would get some vegetables in. Worked out wonderfully as the salad was easily two cups. So, in one meal in one dish, I got my 2 vegetables in. Yea! And all while eating out.

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